Amber Rigby Grosjean


Amber was born in March of 1976. She is the middle child of three (all girls). Amber has been writing since she was 11 years old but didn't publish her first book until she was just about to turn 31. 20 years of dreaming and not giving up gave her the theme "Dreams really do come true" in which she lives by. Since her first book, Amber has continued to write and publish 3 more books including the first book she ever wrote (she just rewrote it until it was just right).

Amber has a very wild imagination and enjoys writing in different genres. Listed below are her books, listed in order of publication.

Amber has 4 books published at this time.

Cursed Blood (Horror/Romance). A story about one woman's battle within herself, good vs evil and how love conquers all.

Stolen Identity (Erotica Thriller). Must be 18 to read this one. Sex, lies, and murder. Its not porn but the sex is great! Matthew battles to be loved but there's only one problem. His twin brother stands in the way of his happiness. Will he get away with taking his brother's identity?

Spawn of the Curse (Horror-Sequel to Cursed Blood). The story continues but there's a twist!

Peterson Estate (Fantasy, Amber's favorite) This is the story Amber grew up writing. Witches, ghosts, the gates of Hell, a baby that can talk and read medical books, and the list goes on. Emily has been "chosen" to save the world. But she has to save her home and family first.

She is currently working on more books and has a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for on Amber's blog which is at

Amber is 37 years old as of March of 2013, married with 3 children.

  • Education
    • Graduated from North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Also attended Adams Central from K-10th grades in Monroe, Indiana