Argument Expert

Have you ever had an argument and wished there was an expert in arguments to help you figure out who is right and who is wrong? is your expert.

Argument Expert was first thought of when Terry and his pregnant wife got into an argument about something dumb were he felt he was correct and she felt he was not.

He turned to her and said, "only if there was an online site that would allow me to post this dumb argument and we could see who is really right and who is wrong." Seven months later Argument Expert is up and running and he can finally post that dumb argument online, but they both can't remember what it was about.

Argument Expert was a way we could settle our stupid arguments we always have without bothering our friends and family. Now we can post them online and let the world decide. We also created Argument Expert to help the community settle any issues they might be having.

You can post issues onto Argument Expert by creating a poll, quiz, survey or questionnaire and ask the online community what they think.

The responses from argument expert are interchangeable and you can create multiple different graphs to make your case that you are right, or you can just point at the screen and yell, I'm right!

Next time you have an issue, don't stress yourself with trying to prove who is right and who is wrong, post it onto and let the online community decide and save yourself an argument.

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