AR Hilton

Currently resides in Los Angeles California

Amirah Films Media Group “Never let fear stop you from chasing your dream, Challenges are what make life Interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” We are all products of our environment; shaped and molded by experiences, acquaintances and circumstances. Fresh and unprecedented author, A. R. Hilton certainly exemplifies that. He was born in a place many people call a paradox, Mount Vernon New York. It boasts both tree lined, family-oriented streets as well as the beautifully dilapidated, urban atmosphere that many New York City dwellers are accustomed to. These were the streets that inspired A. R. Hilton to become a writer, author and expressionist of life’s experiences and lessons. In 2008 Hilton’s debut novel, That Life (Prophecy of a Hustler), introduced us to characters that walk a parallel path—a path that Hilton’s traveled in his own life. Hilton sought direct guidance and motivation of black literary giants such as Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin with his intensely expressive masterpiece. In That Life, Hilton weaves together a tapestry of childhood friends that are polar opposites, but choose the same dangerous and fast-paced lifestyle packed with drugs and violence. Throughout their journey together, their friendship is tested and a lives are lost. Hilton was never a sultan of script, but he continues to prove that when you’re talented and driven, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Writing was something he tried in his early teens during a summer youth job program, reporting and writing newsletters for the local Urban League in Mount Vernon. In That Life, he rediscovered his skills in writing and started playing with concepts for novels and screenplays cranking out several literary works. In 2009 Hilton went into production on a feature length script he’d written titled “Remember Niaxing” based on a friends relationship with a Chinese immigrant in the early eighties that he was to direct. However, due to budgeting issues he was forced to shelve the production. After the disappointment of his first attempt at film Hilton took some time to complete his second novel “Prophecy of a Hustler II (A War of Souls)”. The sequel to his first novel That Life which he made available digitally online in August 2012 and will be released in a softcover book in later this year.

  • Work
    • CEO of Amirah Films
  • Education
    • Cumberland Community College in South New Jersey