Ari Poutiainen

Ari Poutiainen

I do many different musical things for my living and pleasure. I compose, perform, research, study, teach and write, for example. In short: I am a Finnish contemporary musician, researcher and educator.

My first instrument was the piano but I began my formal music studies on the recorder. Soon I changed to violin which is my main instrument. In addition to violin and viola, I perform for example on piano and keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, recorder, tin whistle, diatonic and chromatic harmonica, drums and percussion. Naturally I sing too. I like to explore and experiment. I frequently use a custom 5-string viola instead of the standard 4-string model. I also pluck my violins and violas; hold and play them like a guitarist.

I have three active creative careers. I find them all inspiring. I do, research and teach music.

COMPOSITION & PERFORMANCE. I compose frequently and my catalogue includes approximately 150 registered works. They vary from instrumental solo pieces to small jazz band tunes to compositions for a symphony orchestra. I appear on more than 50 albums as a soloist, sideman, arranger or conductor. I perform with different groups. From these the most active areBad Ass Brass Band, Ardency, Farther-Out and Jyjy.

RESEARCH. I have a PhD in music. Earlier I focused in my research on jazz history and pedagogy. I have developed and published an extensive fingering strategy for modern jazz violin improvisation. It is called Stringprovisation. My recent publications represent music education, creativity and innovation.

EDUCATION. I work at the University of Helsinki as a university lecturer of music education. In North-American academic terms this tenure position equals to a status of an associate professor. I also teach regularly string improvisation at the Sibelius Academy and abroad.

You can study my output by clicking the links below. There are things to read and watch - but also to listen.