Ari Shagal

New York, NY

Unbeknownst to the world, Todd Rundgren and Laura Nyro had a secret daughter, Ari Shagal. Okay, so maybe Ari's parents aren't literally Todd and Laura, but musically speaking, they might as well be! She grew up to be as wacky, comedic, and as immune to musical categorization as her father, while her pianistic style, vocal range, and physical appearance clearly indicated who her mother was. And, like both her parents, she became a composer, a lyricist, and a public eccentric! These days, Ari leads a NYC band called the Summarily Dismissed, which includes lead vocalists Matthew Lomeo and Ferima Faye. The band's initials are S.D., just like Steely Dan; that's no accident!

  • Work
    • Composer, Orchestrator, Bandleader
  • Education
    • University of Chicago