ari vineberg


Ari is a modern Renaissance man who’s greatest passion in life, other than his wife and family of three beautiful daughters and a bichon frise named Lucas, is the great outdoors - particularly fishing and sharing this passion with others through both his writing and photography. Armed with an undergraduate degree in political science from McGill University and an eight-weight fly rod, he has fished and guided across the country, including a stint living above the fifty-fifth parallel on the barren tundra in Nunavik with the Inuit of Kangiksuallujuaak, a people he has adopted as his own. At the age of ten he came across a yellowed and dog-eared copy of Ernest Hemingway’s classic tale “The Old Man and The Sea” and after reading it in one sitting decided then he wanted to become both a writer and a fisherman. His work combines his passion for both writing and the outdoors and his literature is a reflection on larger issues using fishing as the central theme. For Ari fishing is not a hobby or pastime, rather a complete lifestyle, a way to look at the world and understand its subtle machinations. His greatest pleasures in life are the simplest things – a quiet moment with family and close friends, a glorious fall sunset, a well-turned phrase, the perfect looping cast, cooking his signature fettuccine Alfredo or pizza Bolognese for his daughters, or going for a run in the woods with his dog. In previous incarnations, he has worked as a journalist, stunt man, fishing guide, actor, owned several businesses, worked as a freelance author and photographer for many of North America's leading outdoor magazines, taught martial arts, script consultant, and blogger for several websites, including his own (, consistently ranked as one of the top fifty fishing websites in the world . He recently authored a collection of short fiction available at and is presently working on a second novel.

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