Hoa Sua Foods

Ho chi Minh

You might have thought rice is plain and boring as it has become basic need for daily diet of over a billion people across the globe. However with today’s modern lifestyle, eating rice is not just about getting daily nutrient intake, but it is for better health, for disease’s prevention, and also for funs! As a growing demand for organic products, in 2008, Hoa Sua came up with a vision that is to serve local community better with clean, healthy, and sustainable organic produces. As a result of that, in early 2012, the brand has introduced five new varieties of organic rice that are healthy to eat, good for disease’s prevention, and free of trace chemical residues. All serves theirs unique tastes, and functionalities.
With our commitment to protect and create a sustainable living environment, balanced eco-system through organic farming practice for all of Hoa Sua Foods products. We will always making sure a consistent quality and supply to secure your needs.

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