Aria Adams

Zagreb, Croatia

To me, art's always been what I love, and what I do best, and ever since I first took some colouring pencils in my hand and made pictures on the walls, I knew that is what I can't really live without. Since that time, I've been following that dream of mine; and I still think that was the best choice I could make. I can say that I'm a very versatile person, interested in subjects from fire dancing to criminology and from languages to magic, though at the same time determined to finish the tasks or courses I chose.

I started writing in my elementary school, short stories and essays at first, moving to longer pieces as the time passed. I finished my longest novel in August 2012, first in the series of five. It was written in Croatian, as my first language, but the sequences for it I write in English...

I'm a free spirit, one who loves to explore new ideas, techniques, places and customs, though at the same time I hold to some traditional (even old-fashioned) understandings of what's really important in one's life. Therefore I enjoy visiting other cities and countries, learning more about people and what matters in their lives - I believe it helps me, or better said inspires me, to expand my creativity beyond just what I know about. For about the same reason, though I didn't know it yet when I first took a book in my hands, I've been a bibliophile ever since I learned how to read. Mostly, as I always felt like I wanted to meet the real world in some real ways, I read fantasy novels, staying up night after night accompanied by Cornelia Funke, Joe Abercrombie, J.K. Rowling, George Martin and many more. During years, I also met and in a way fell in love with the Brontes, as well as Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and others I often remember more by what they made me feel than their names - whom all had played their roles in shaping my own style, both in writing and visual arts.

Since my early childhood, those two always went hand in hand. Writing is what I do always, thinking of scenes in my head and finding inspiration for new characters everywhere. But at the same time I can't imagine my life without visual arts. My favourites have always been graphic techniques, especially ink and images made in b/w and with a lot of details - that is about how the book covers I make also look like. Not a day goes by without me creating at least one new drawing, and nothing cheers me up as much as building those new worlds of mine.

  • Education
    • School of Applied Art and Design