Ariana Luz


I work with internet since 2010. Started working on Radio Guaruja at Santa Catarina. I went through several digital marketing companies, as Qualé Digital, Agência Hive, also in the media as Its Portal and Diario Catarinense. Currently I'm intern at Senac SC - a educational institution. Self-educated on english, I start learning on 2010, having now a good understanding on conversation, writing and reading.

I think the social networks could change the comunications from all companies and bring positive results. Therefore I spend all my time studying and honing my strategies and ideas for the virtual environment.

On college, I wrote a dissertation called "Facebook Marketing: Ferramentas de divulgação na Internet. Uma análise do Case Ponto Frio" to get my graduation degree. I talked about the digital communication on Facebook, used by companies. I also wrote about the digital strategy of Ponto Frio (a brazilian online store of home appliances) as the best comunication made in Brazil. I received many constructive criticisms from the examination board and was amazing for my academic and professional growth.

Dissertation available only in portuguese on my slideshare:

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