Sapphire Avery

One Step Ahead Of You!

Hola Como Estas?

Just kidding, I may be puerto rican but I don't know a whole lot of spanish.

Mi Nombre es Marinah. (My name is Marinah)

Just to let you know I am a mixed child, Black & Puerto Rican with a little french in there.

I love Justin Bieber & MGK <3 If you are not a belieber or you dislike MGK in any way... GET OUT!

Ok... now that they are gone, lets get back to business.

I am 15 years old & I blow out the candles on June 8th <3

I live in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and attend the lovely Pottstown Senior High School (Sarcasm)

I am a blogger, my website is

So far I spent my summer doing nothing productive in the real world but a whole lot in the electronic world.

I recently entered in the Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA Pageant, so if you start hearing my name more often after January.... Thats why.

I love to sing and dance but I am not very good at doing either. I also love to get on Pinterest, it is my life. <3

Well my email is if you would like to contact me, i am probably one of the only teenagers who actually use their email and not just for, twitter, tumblr, and facebook.

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    • Currently in 10th Grade