Arianna Clearday

Arianna Clearday

I was born in Jersey City, NJ, and was a 'blue baby'; meaning, the umbilical cord was briefly choking me before I came out. NJ is a gaspy kinda state tho' anyway. Nonrelated to which, I have XXY chromosomes, which they call Klinefelter Syndrome. And trust me. It's made life pretty fucking interesting. You might say, my boobies were a lil confusing at first, and that I was born with an "outie" instead of an "innie".

I like playing music and drawing, but not as much as I used to. I enjoy killing a little time here and there reading trashy true crime stories and listening to music. I've been through many rebellious phases in my life. If i had to put it in common terms; I was a punk rocker and a runaway in the late 70s, a skinhead and then a quasi biker in the 80s. And then i was a darksided flower child in the 90s. I was hippie. I had a skateboard. I was outta my head. Lol

After that, I got involved in the photography business. All in all, I guess you might say that I have a checkered past, to put it lightly. I've been to the edge. You know, I stood and looked down. Lol Anyway, I love my mom, my man and my cat. I have a few good friends, who are family as well. New people: if you're a douche or a cunt, my heart turns black very quickly and I'm the kiss of death. But more often than not, I have a good heart and radiate positivity. I'm a pretty decent cook too. :-)

Now stop reading this shit and go get some fresh air! :-P

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