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arianna lagman


so, I'm tired of actually filling a bio when they all say the same thing. so I'm prob going to post this site link on my bio :p

I'm Arianna, but you can call me Ari. I'm confusing and frustrating but that's okay, I'm nice if you consider me nice. Although, if you trash on my friends, i'm going to be extra snappy to you.

I love singing and acting. I also dance, even if I'm not really good at dancing. I write stories, poems and songs. I play the guitar.

Food > Life. I blog about my emotions and opinions, but you probably won't get my blog link. :)

I'm like really weird and insane. I dance around in public, showing them I love laughing and being crazy and all. I have the weirdest friends.

I love Greyson Chance, Train, The Script, Before You Exit, Emma Stone, Zooey Deschanel and I'm part of a certain fanbase, but I don't tell it to people.

I think those are simple facts you need to know about me. :)

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