Arianna J. Fuoco


I am from Detroit. I aspire to be a part of industries of media relations, environmental issues, advertising, PR, tourism, communications, sustainability. I am currently seeking a start to my career where I aim to be pursuing presence in environmental communication, digital media, advertising, and the like. Interested, of course, in expanding my knowledge of digital media, brand strategy, market research, social media production, and socialnomics connected to ecology and the environment. I am willing to relocate in order to follow any opportunities that arise in search of my career path. As an advocate for sustainability & green business, I admire all businesses in Detroit, as well as around the globe. Considering California is a leading place of interest for the environment, I look forward to being a part of their community - to develop my passions and contribute to the care of nature.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University in Dec. 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, Advertising/Public Relations. I was an Account Executive at the Grand Valley Lanthorn student-run newspaper for 1 year, before I became the Campus Accounts Manager for a total of 3 years.

I am extremely passionate about the Earth's sustainability and how media has effects on ecology. I immerse myself in environmental studies, all-around, in order to learn how to live in a sustainable environment to the best of my ability. I would like to work with an environmental group/organization to be able to help spread information about the importance of environmental sustainability in communities- individually & as a whole.

Soccer is my passion, having played the past 15 years. I am of Italian decent, 100%. First born generation in America. I studied media & society abroad in Rome, Italy at John Cabot University in 2013 for 6 weeks. The most memorable experience of my life.

I enjoy listening to all types of music as well as seeing live performances. From genres of rock: alternative, punk, jam, classic, oldies, funk , jazz, instrumental, a mix of blues, electronic and am always open to new types.

I practice yoga on a regular basis. I believe it to be an important part of my lifestyle in order to maintain inner self-consciousness, as well as content. A future goal of mine is to learn the teachings of yoga in detail, to become a well-rounded yoga instructor.

  • Work
    • Grand Valley Lanthorn Newspaper
  • Education
    • Grand Valley State University