BH Arias

Georgia, USA

Welcome to BH Arias' site. I am an author with a story about a search for my madness. Published and available on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Nobles, Diesel ebooks and Sony ebooks under the title, 'Searching For Lydia.' and a second story called 'Finding Lydia'. The print version of the first story is available at Amazon.
Lydia is the name I use to describe my apparent PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) a result from so many years working in war zones around the world. I am currently working in Afghanistan, and currently working on a sequel to the first story. Lydia, the story and this page are my therapy. The background is a picture I took in Sweden, a place I traveled, to research Lydia and her story.

I see Lydia as a spirit of a presence that has manifested herself in my life as a ghost. She assists me in writing her story in a sort of paranormal romance/collaboration.