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A Heart.to.Paper greeting card is a work of art that celebrates diversity, creativity and the spirit of Afro-Caribbean culture, and is Aria Wilder's way of expressing the beauty of the places she's seen, the people she's met and the visual manifestations that come from her heart to the page.

Aria's goal is to share a cultural story through illustrations. Aria discovered her niche traveling abroad throughout the Caribbean, Asia, and Brazil, and started Heart.to.Paper because she saw a lack of representation in the art and images on offer in tourist shops. Aria dedicated herself to create art in the spirit of authenticity, culture, energy and soulful character that are so much a part of local, artisan work.

Even with the abundance of card lines available, Aria, like others, found herself standing in the aisles for hours searching for sentiment. Aria understands that you want meaningful messages and statement pieces to commemorate the milestones, birthdays, new homes, marriages and other special occasions you hold dear.

Heart.to.Paper celebrates Afro-Caribbean heritage through original, hand-illustrated prints, cards & wearable art that enrich the homes, lives and personal spaces of those who purchase and receive her work.

Her greeting cards, prints and wearable art are created with the energy, nostalgia and dreams of a collective consciousness to reflect true diversity and pay homage to the little things overlooked and underappreciated.

Each piece is hand-designed, illustrated and infused with crystal energies to create items that bring a sense of comfort and well-being to yourself, your home and those you love most.

Jennifer Aria was born in Chicago, IL and has been an artist from an early age. Her focus is the human connection people have through love, culture and Black History.

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