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Adams Richard

Doctor and Father in Austin, Texas

Adams Richard

Doctor and Father in Austin, Texas

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I am Dr Adams Richard from the United State of America, Texas Austin/Houston Citizen.

I was born 5th of May 1959 and i am a single dad with one son.

I am a licensed Medical Doctor by Profession.

I was Trained in orthopedics Surgeon and works with the United Nations (UN),

I do brings enthusiasms for my work and fourteen years of experience to Citizens Medical Group.

My training includes Primary Care Internal Medicine at the University of Southern California and Family Practice at Western University of Health Sciences training site, U.S.

Family Care ,Orthopedic Medical Center in Montclair, California.

I studied undergraduate Chemistry, Psychology, and Biology at Occidental College, in Los Angeles...

I also served in rural/unreserved medicine,

Including Indian reservations and migrant farm workers clinics here in California. .,

I have worked with citizens medical center as a nurse ,and the st Vincent''s hospital and service now currently i work with the u.s government as private doctor the u.s military to Sybia {Mr Gene Cretz) and Yes i'm always on my toes..,...

When I’m not working I like to watch Football, Boat Riding, hiking, swimming and sometimes cooking.

I don't have a favorite song but i love Country Music and Classics.


Pray more,Worry less,

Laugh more,Stress less,

Hug more,and Hurry less

You can reach me on Gmail,facebook or Skype!

Gmail ID :

~~ Thanks for visiting my Page - Richard

United States


Houston Texas 77004

United States

United Nation (UN)

University Of Health

Watching tv Reading

Reading Books Swimming Joking Roman Catholic Traveling Sports








Signed: Ban Ki Moon - Sec Gen

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