Audrey Richard-Laurent

Designer, dreamer, and entrepreneur in San Francisco, California

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Audrey Richard-Laurent is a creative entrepreneur and a facilitator, aka “creative ninja”.

With a passion for invention, creative processes, data representation, she creates alternative & unexpected solutions for users.
Her focus is to tackle grand challenges such as health, through behavior change and breakthrough technologies. She is willing to empower and enrich the lives of many people, not just an elite few.
She designs to have a transformative impact to reach those most in need, at the scale and in a shape that they require. Discovery learning driven, this approach has led her through a variety of fields ranging from product and textile design to medical imagery, to symbiotic bio-chemistry, healthcare-focused design, experiments in augmented reality and eventually experience design. As a crafter she uses multiple mediums to conveys her ideas.

At all times looking for her next challenge, she finds herself eager to travel for field research wherever need be.

She is also co-founder of the Paris chapter of IxDA.