Arief Rahman Hakim


Born: March 30th 1990 in Panyabungan.
Hometown: Sungaipuar.

SD Islam Al-Falah, Jambi.
SLTP Global Andalan, Pangkalan Kerinci.
SMA Plus Provinsi Riau, Pekanbaru.
S1 Arsitektur, Institut Teknologi Bandung.

A traveller wannabe, but still afraid of going somewhere alone. An enthusiast photographer, but haven't started to travel anywhere yet. An architect, but still have many hesitation and don't have confidence with my own design.

A big dreamer (not dream high, but dream wide), want to learn and experience everything. Yep, just because I still didn't find what my passion is.

  • Work
    • SAB Indonesia
  • Education
    • Institut Teknologi Bandung