Arie Genger

Arie Genger is a well-known businessman in the agricultural chemicals and fertilizer arena. In the past years Arie has diversified into areas involving real estate and merchant banking with RDA Ventures LLC and William Dowd, Arie Genger founded AGDB LLC Holdings which is dedicated to the acquisition of companies in basic industries. In the real estate realm, Arie Genger invested in a New York real estate fund, who operates residential commercial properties in NY.

Early Business

Arie Genger's management skills were first noted at the Rapid American Corporation, where he was hired as an assistant to the chairman. His successes in that position led the company to move him to the McCrory Corporation as president. Through his skillful re-organization and management, the company's substantial annual losses were transformed into profits of $35 million.

Agricultural Chemicals

In 1985 Arie Genger was a founder of Trans-Resources, Inc and as it’s Chairman and CEO he developed the company into a well known agricultural chemicals company.

In a special ceremony honoring a carefully selected group of successful Israeli businessmen, he was chosen to receive a Jubilee Award. The awards, which marked 50 years of independence in Israel, represented nearly 20 different industries in Israel that had proven to benefit the country's growth. The award given to Arie Genger was for his work in the field of chemicals at TRI.

He was introduced to Haifa Chemicals during this period and managed to gain control of that company when it’s control block was put up for auction. He continued with Haifa Chemicals as chairman and helped grow the international potassium nitrate production to be second in the world.

Political Appointments

Arie Genger has been a close friend of a previous Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, since 1972. He acted as Sharon's personal advisor and took on a special correspondent role with the White House while he was in office.

Life of Philanthropy

Through several prizes and award programs that he established, Arie Genger consistently encourages excellence in medica