Ariel Vines

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Ariel Vines is a graduate of the illustrious Spelman College where she earned a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. Ariel has worked in a variety of employment settings including retail home improvemdnt, bookkeeping, pharmacy technician and tutoring. She enjoys taking on new, challenging tasks and adventures. June 2014 marks the successful completion of her first 5k race which supported the American Diabetes Association in Atlanta, GA. She will also be tackling her first 10k in the 2 weeks to follow. These accomplishments only further drive her to keep setting unlikely goals and achieving them (small and large alike). Ariel's educational background in the sciences lends to her continued interest in progressive advancements taking place in the medical field as well as in the areas of research and design. Having little to no previous work experience directly in either of these arenas could easily be viewed as a setback. Fortunately, she sees them instead as avenues of opportunity. Ariel will be returning to the classroom to further her education and pursue a career goal utilizing the chemistry knowledge and natural knack for helping others. A quick learner and ambitious woman, Ariel will be where she aims to be in the very near future.

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