ariel dumapias

Manila, Philippines

Marketing Specialist in search of a highly established firm that will allow me to further boost my career in this field , I have a strong background of Real Estate Marketing and CRM, Customer service, Email response handling, Basic Video Editing, SEO and posting on different social media sites.

I possess exceptional analytical skills, good knowledge of statistics, adaptability in high performance organizational culture, good project management and organizational skills, good knowledge of internet metrics, and high level of professionalism. I am passionate about understanding the customer.

I usually Play Guitar when im killing the time or try to search some new information on the internet. I love to explore places, Like travelling on different Island and other countries.

The best part of me is I dont give up easily. My friend told me that im the perfect person to inspire others and my aura can affect other people. My curiosity and being positive minded is what keeps me getting what i want. I believe in saying, "if there's a will there's a way"

  • Education
    • College Graduate Batch 2007