Ariele Akers

Salem Virginia

My name is Ariele, which by the way I hate my name for so many reasons. I have 2 nicknames they are AAA, & Arlie but I'm only called that at work lol. I'm 5 ft.7, I weigh 124 lbs., I have naturally curly hair which I hate, & I have hazel eyes. I have just recently lost my grandfather that meant the world to me, & who I loved very much to lung cancer. He passed away May 29th of 2007 at 11:44am on Tuesday mornin, & I will never forget that day cuz I was to late if I had just got there sooner. Grandpa u will always be apart of me, & I'll love u always. But I know three things that I got from him 1)his additude 2)his love for music 3)his artistic ability. I work at kroger it's not the best job but it'll do for now until I find somethin better. I've got 6 tattoo's right now, but there's soon to be more trust me. I can't help myself there to addicting once u get 1 u can't quit. But to be honest I can be wild, crazy, & I'm very outgoing b/c I speak what's on my mind. So the way I see it is if u don't like it well then that's to damn bad. I'm a very nice person once you get to know me, or unless u get on my bad side then that's a whole different story. All my friends will tell ya I joke around alot, but once u do somethin that really pisses me off then there's no shuttin me up. So I'm just sayin whatever u do don't piss me off cuz it's not a very pretty sight when I am. Everyone has a favorite animal mine is a wolf. I just wish I could have 1 to call my very own, but unfortanently their a wild animal so I can't. But they are very beautiful animals. Most of all things I enjoy spending time with my bf Stan aka Lido he's so sweet to me. He always seems to go out of his way to surprise me at work, & I love that alot it lights up my day. He's not like any of my exs he cares alot about me, but yet he loves me for who I am. I never dreamed that I would find someone so fast, but I'm very glad I did cuz he makes me so happy. I couldn't imagine lookin for someone else when I already have the one for me, I love him so much. Other then that I'm usually hangin out w/my friends goin to the mall, or the movies, & etc. But over all my family is important to me as well I couldn't forget them. But that's enough about me I wanna know about u?.

  • Work
    • Cashier at Kroger
  • Education
    • Salem High Graduate