A.R. Garcia

Actor, Writer, and Small Business Owner in New York

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AR’s love and passion for writing has grown into all avenues as a playwright, screen writer, actor, poet, and blogger. Born in [place] in [year], he has been drawn to stories and characters since he read [childhood books? Or authors?] as a child.

In 2017, he completed his first screenplay adaptation for the movie Saint Nicholas, and independent film which is scheduled to be released commercially in 2018. It is based on a script for a one-man show entitled I Love Them All that was written by AR and presented in 2013, directed by Leslie Daniels. AR both wrote and performed in the show.

I Love Them All was entered into the ONE Festival at LATEA Theatre and AR won his first Off-Broadway Award. In 2014, AR again entered the ONE Festival with a play he wrote entitled My Time also directed by Leslie Daniels, and performed by Teresa Anne Volgeneu. In 2015, he entered again with his one-man show entitled The Broken Bachelor, which he wrote and performed and was directed by Marilyn Torres.

A.R. has written advertising campaigns for Robert DeNiro’s new product VODKA 6100. AR is also an author of an upcoming short story/novel/poetry book set to be released in 2018 entitled, The Broken Bachelor. He is also currently negotiating a new film and pilot for a TV series, production set for 2018.