Lyka Jane


I was the girl who barely love to play sand. Making sand castles, taking care of fishes and everything what mermaid do.

I live in Philippines. 14 years old and will turn 15 on June. I'm not perfect nor an intelligent lass. But I do work hard just to claim a high grade but it seems I always fail. My hope is already 85%, to be honest. Tired of sacrificing but still asking for help to make me more stronger than I did before.

Whenever I'm bored and feel like I'm alone, I locked up my room, put my headset on and starting to listen to the song while hugging my bear. Maybe I'm just like a "loser" but someday, I will be a winner. "Tiwala lang".

Just you wanna know, I'm in need of friends. A true friends who will never leave me alone and whom I can lean on. That is all what I am asking for.

  • Work
    • a student
  • Education
    • high school