Ariel Kaiser

Ariel is the Fashion Stylist for Prime Content. She has provided wardrobe and on-set styling for Yahoo's The Thread, De Moda, and De Moda: Mexico, as well as fitness videos for Rodale and Breaking Through with Suzanne Somers. Her skill set includes fashion market work and styling with a concentration in video, with everything in between including hauling massive garment trunks internationally and hunting down and locating the most obscure items you can imagine for a fraction of what they should cost. Before joining Prime Content as resident Fashion Stylist for the premium web series The Thread and De Moda, Ariel was a freelance stylist dealing in magazine editorial print, advertising, music videos, and catalogs. Ariel is also a Lifestyle Blogger who writes a popular women's style blog called "The Ariel View" that appears on the Yahoo! Media Network with millions of regular readers. Ariel is a graduate of Indiana University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. Her fashion training came from a couple of epic summers spent in the trenches at Vogue magazine and, upon graduation, stints in the fashion department of Conde Nast's Lucky magazine and the world of freelance stylist assisting, respectively. She lives in Brooklyn with her fiancé.