Ariella Daisy

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A young girl from Sydney who is secretly trying to change the world. Welcome. I was about 8 when i discovered anime and japanese culture. I instantly fell in love with the whole asian culture. It allowed me to become creative and think outside the box. I was always colouring and drawing when i was young and so imagination was something i possessed. I was constantly changing and growing but i was never actually happy with who i was. I was always very awkward and shy around others and i didnt know how to speak to others in public. I hit 13 and started highschool, this was where disaster began. There was a lot of people who judged you for what you liked or look like. It wasnt a very pleasant year because thats where insecurities were born and i tried everything to try and change myself mentally as well as physically. It wasnt until i became 15 years old that i discovered what the government really is doing and the reality behind food and cosmetics. I began eating healthier and my thoughts about the world changed magically. I had found myself. I researched and researched for the TRUTH and i wanted to know more and more about whats really happening. I wanted to make a change and to make change i had to be the change. From there i began my journey. And now i will bring you along with me.

Name: Mariam

Stage name: Ariella daisy

Music: Playing the piano