Ariella Endaya

"Ariella means Lioness of God"

Hi, Im Ariella. I believe in God. Actually, i love God. Okay this is really awkward.

Okay movin on.

On December 28th a baby girl came out. Her parents(Marissa Endaya and Arnold Endaya) named her Sean Ariella Marie Bancolita Endaya. She is a very beautiful child, she was a gift from God.

Im really super active and loves sports.

I did swimming, volleyball and cheering.

Like wth, im afraid of clowns and flying insects except flies.

I have a crush on Andrew Garfield, like i ship them and Emma Stone. Stonefield 10evs!

Im really weird, like i tweet nonsense because im so unprooductive..

I hate people who are judgemental. ohh famewhores

I love pizzas. The end! Hope you enjoyed!

God is the greatest. You should know that.

So i told you my story. Share yours! xxxxx