arielle contreras

I am a media intern at Zenith Optimedia in New York City. I am a blooming television market specialist and pop culture mastermind. I assist the senior negotiators with client broadcast buys, ensuring accurate air times, knowing what primetime shows are the talk of the town, and achieving world ..(I mean market) domination. ;)

I am navigating my way to my dream job as a strategist at a creative agency. Why that route? Because I get people and I have a gut creative instinct. I am naturally hardwired to pay attention to insightful details that others miss. I connect the dots.

A chicago native, but a nomad at heart, I have lived in Costa Rica and traveled throughout Central America, and also lived in Brazil and traveled through Argentina (all independently and all before I could even have a cocktail in the U.S.) I am the sum of my experiences and adventures and they have led me to where I am now: residing in Brooklyn still following my passion and curiosity.

I am a budding philanthropist and social entrepreneur, challenging myself to make the world better than how I found it.

My passions are health & fitness, world travel, building meaningful and genuine relationships, entertainment, & always learning.