Arielle Luzzi

Puyallup, Washington, United States

It seems I have no voice.

Not very many people care to listen when I want to be heard.

I guess this way, with you reading, and me typing, your eyes are the only thing stopping you. That being said, welcome to my life.

My name is Ellie. Im an 18 year old, broke, college student trying to make a living off hardly part time. Nothinng exciting ever happens in my life unless its someone elses drama. I seem to be a magnet to that kind of shit. I dont have what could be concidered good friends, but thats okay I have my kitten.

Ive been picked on most my life and have been through the weeds of self harm, extreme drepression and Anxiety. I have never looked for people to feel bad for me, but when stuff like that sits on your chest long enough, it becomes a weight, and you sink. Ive hit rock bottom, plenty of times. And with weights around my ankles, all i could do is hold by breath and hope for the best. Sometimes someone trys to save me, then other times i have to save myself. But all i can say about my life... Its the irony of tomorrow that gets me everytime.

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