Ari Ellenbogen

Ari Ellenbogen

Ari Ellenbogen founded E G Tech Solutions in 2008, with the goal of providing high-quality IT services to clients in Greenwich, Connecticut. Ari Ellenbogen found the inspiration for his company's name in the Latin phrase "exempli gratia," which translates to "for example." Indeed, E G Tech Solutions strives to be the field's exemplary service provider, frequently utilizing practices forgotten or overlooked by competitors.

At E G Tech Solutions, Ari Ellenbogen and his team troubleshoot and fix computers of all eras and offer data recovery in the case of failed hard drives. They also custom-build computers designed to fit the user's needs. Gamers may request an especially powerful machine; other clients come to Mr. Ellenbogen for high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to big-name brands.

Besides building and repairing computers, Ari Ellenbogen offers website development. E G Tech Solutions can set up a content management system that makes website editing easy for clients with any level of technical knowledge. Mr. Ellenbogen provides technical support to a variety of businesses, from jewelry stores to medical practices. His company also installs and maintains security and surveillance systems.

Outside of his work with E G Tech Solutions, Ari Ellenbogen is known for his regular contributions to his local community. He helps elderly neighbors with day-to-day tasks and offers assistance to people whose homes have been damaged in storms. As a member of Advanced Roadside Service, Ari Ellenbogen provides help to drivers whose cars have broken down, and he has received commendations from the local and state police. Ari Ellenbogen is an Eagle Scout, and he received the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award for commitment to community in 2009. In his free time, Mr. Ellenbogen enjoys sailing and skiing.

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