Arie (Love) Hinnant

Santa Barbara, CA | New York | Copenhagen, Denmark

Arie is busy finding solution to global issues--she is over the top passionate about free or low cost shelter for all! Why not grow and share free organic food and put processed GMO foods out of business? Arie thinks the current healthcare system promotes illness--so, why not heal thy self. Yep! Arie loves to find solutions to everyday issues.

ARIEis funny, out-spoken and a radical visionary. She embraces life without limits--focuses on infinite possibilities and solves global issues with ease! She was raised on the east coast and has resided and traveled globally.

Over the last twenty years--Arie has authored 29 books, 100s of articles, and has produced over a dozen videos.

Currently, Arie inspires people to embrace a happier & passion filled life, without limits and or fear! She provides tangible tools that will effortlessly shift people into a life of freedom, health and peace of mind.

Aries’ goal is to create solutions to global issues.

Arie addresses a range of topics such as--the post-industrial revolution, innovation and solutions to global issues, solving violence, food & economic justice.

Arie is perpetually passionate about Empowering people of color to walk away from the grid. Also, ‘Empowering Women & Girls to be Super Heroes. Arie a stalker survivor; teaches people how to Drop-Kick potential Stalkers, Rapist & Murderer’s.’ Why? Every year, 140 to 200 million women and girls go missing or are murdered globally. That's got to stop!

Contributing editor & writer for:

Food Justice

Sustainable VBlogs

Natural Awakenings

E.I. Publishings



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    • Global Solutions Activist
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    • BA