Sarah Creighton

I am a girly, gadget-loving, gamer geek. I love my daughter, sparkles, sci-fi, rainbows, fairies, festivals and fantasy. Aside from working hard, messing around online, reading, listening to music, playing videogames and watching films I mostly spend my time being happy xxx

I work for a telecommunications company and have 15 years of experience. Started in HR, moved on to product management and was responsible for launch/in-life management of dialup, email, broadband, hosting, gprs, 3g, 3.5g, then became head of retail operations with main focus on mobile and broadband sales and support (opening two successful stores) and am now a Business Development Manager for our international business mostly centered on multi-IMSI and MVNE solutions.

One day in the not too distant future I will live in a field in a tiny house (or a cob house or a yurt or a hobbit hole or maybe on a boat or in a van...) and be the minimalist and happy hippy that is striving to develop... I wish for you to be loved and happy and healthy as that is all that matters xxx