Ariel Pytrell

Writer, Director, and Editor in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Ariel Pytrell is an Argentine writer, poet, playwright and essayist. He was born in 1964 and grew up in Quilmes. His early years bear the imprint of southern Greater Buenos Aires and its mysteries. He has shown great interest towards literature and the performing arts since childhood. In 1979 two remarkable life events shaped his mind permanently: reading JRR Tolkien's books and the discovery of the Ancient Greek world. His academic background is eclectic: from Drama to Filmmaking, from Screenplay to Literature at the University of Buenos Aires; Philosophy, Advertising, and Pedagogy; Mythology, Shakespeare, and Writing. He has given lectures about Tolkien and his world, taught Modern and Classical Theater for more than two decades, and has directed many plays. He created an original language, Danahuacal'ate, the core of his new novel series, ENEALOGIA, of which SOMBRAS DEL FIN DEL MUNDO (SHADOWS FROM THE END OF THE WORLD, (c)2016, Insepia) is the first part. His complete bibliography can be found on his Website:

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