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Ariel Silahian: Algo Trading Developer

Software Engineer, Consultant, and Trading system Software Developer in Miami, Florida

Hands-on experience in Real-Time Trading System, HFT, ultra-low-latency, buy side/sell side connectivity, high volume and scalable application development for Equity, Options and Forex.

Multithreading systems, thread synchronization, application memory, performance management technique, object oriented design and design patterns.

Design and implementation of algorithmic trading strategies/models. Management of all stages, implementation and deployment through operation and trading of various large scale, high frequency equities/forex automated trading strategies.


• Low Latency Algorithmic Trading

• Equities, Options and Forex

• Quantitative Modeling

• Strategy Development and implementation.


Technical Expertise

• C# and VB.NET .NET Framework +4.0,

• Win Forms, WPF, WCF, MVVM

• C/C++, VC++, MFC

• OOAD, Design Patterns, Memory Management

• Multithreading, Thread synchronization, Task / Data Parallelism using Task Parallel Library

• LINQ, Linq-2-Sql

• ADO.NET, Entity Data Model / Entity Framework.



• Visual Studio +2010

• Memory/Performance Profiler

• Telerik, DevExpress, Infragistics,

• Agile Methodology


• VSS, Tortoise SVN

• FIX/FAST Protocol Ultra Low Latency, ITCH/OUTCH Protocol


uHFT, Algorithmic trading systems, C#, VB.NET, VBA, C++, derivatives, option strategies, low latency, FIX protocol