Ariel XTC <3

Heyyyy, im Ariel. i am ,,,from HAWAII??. lol. lets see.... im the most awesomeness person you could ever meet. really random and unfortunately only 16. im very sarcastic so if i offend you in anyway... bite the bullet. oh and just bcuz im from Hawaii. doesnt mean i live in a grass shack, wear coconut bra's, eat stuff from the land, no electricity, canoe as transport.. okay thats how it was like in the 1600's were the new generation. i like to: play sports, soccer & track. im surprisingly on sbg. i can DRIVE, CARS. i like alternative shizz, i love stiles stilinsky, and i have a job.ohh and we have stores.. a little bit too much.. but we do. well back to me. the thing that calms me down is.. FIRE. PYRO!!, lol. i have candles all up in my room, fire hazard,. i know. haha.