Ari Evans

I am driven and inspired by passion--the secret fuel that makes me appreciate each and every day and also what has propelled me me through my career and achievements to this day.

I believe that the point of life is finding happiness. For me, true happiness will come when I have accomplished a goal that I set for myself long ago: to build something amazing that improves people's lives. I want to make an impact.

Right now my focus is on the music industry--a space that needs some real innovation to catch it up to the modern day. As Founder and CEO of LessThan3, I hope to make a difference and prove that the industry can thrive with a completely different model for artist compensation.

Brief Educational & Work History:

Product Manager, Zynga

M.S. in Management Science, Stanford University

Business Analyst, Goldman Sachs

B.S. in Information Science, Cornell University