Mumbai , India

To start with ,writing a little about me well I did not realize it is going to be so nostalgic going down memory lane…… born to parents who took care to give me values , we may not have had luxuries but it was wonderful growing up in the shade of their love and blessings. A science graduate who later went on to study Business Administration. Sales and administration have always been my corporate interest and strength with a career spanning over two decades. India and Dubai both have given me great career opportunities and I have enjoyed every moment.

Life is a gift of God and by grace of God I have been able to journey life fulfilling my duties which leaves me feeling humble. Growing up years were full of beautiful cricket moments but call of duties made me leave the game I loved most.
My friends though few have been a source of strength and encouragement. In the days of low tide they have stood by me these little treasures leave me feeling so rich. My simplicity has always been my biggest asset and I cherish every moment be it the highs or the lows that life has shown me from time to time.
This blog is to share my passion of writing penning down my thoughts have always been my passion,along with capturing moments through my lens. Writing keeps me energized and sharing thoughts is something that interests me the most. This blog is an attempt to give shape to my this passion and dreams.

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