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Physician, health services researcher, and Quality Leader in Durham, North Carolina

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I am the Physician Director of Quality and Outcomes for the Duke Cancer Institute, an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Medical Oncology and Palliative Care, and an externally funded quality-of-care researcher at Duke University.

I am a passionate about developing and implementing patient-centered and clinical-practical solutions to transition high quality healthcare from novel and innovative, to routine and value-maximizing. To meet this goal, I employ training in palliative care, medical oncology, quality improvement, business management, and health services research. These skills allow me to harness the power of empowered clinicians, engaged patients and caregivers, and "activated" big data to drive improvements across the value chain in healthcare delivery.

Healthcare is at an important crossroads. Increasing focus on transitions of care, chronic and serious illnesses, and improving the consistency of high-quality healthcare delivery requires leadership boldly willing to reorganize a healthcare firms competitive strategies. These next generation strategies will focus on "process technologies," familiar priorities in sectors outside of healthcare.

Innovating at the service/process level while aligning the firm's core services with the values that patients/caregivers share, presents a formidable challenge, but our greatest imperative.

  • Work
    • Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Education
    • Internal Medicine Residency - Mayo Clinic
    • Hospice and Palliative Care Fellowship - Mayo Clinic
    • Hematology and Oncology Fellowship - Duke
    • Master of Health Science in Clinical Research - Duke