Arif Shaikh

Since inception, “DOLPHIN HEARING CARE CENTRE” has set a high standard in Mumbai’s Audiological history. It’s founder, Arif Shaikh has a progressive approach in Audiological and Speech field.

“DOLPHIN HEARING CARE CENTRE” was inaugurated in 1986 following a demand from clients and ENT Specialists of a good hearing centre with professional and reliable service. Arif Shaikh has a vast experience in the field of Audiology. Being a Chartered Engineer and a qualified Hearing Instrument Specialist (USA), he worked for autonomous government institute (India) for nine years. He was fortunate to work for SIEMENS (Germany), PHONAK (Switzerland), OTICON (Denmark), EGGER (Germany), STARKEY (USA), HUMANTECNIK (Germany) and many more companies in Middle East as Marketing and Divisional Manager.

Believing in quality instead of quantity is the key to success. It is the company’s goal to continue providing the highest standard of services and products.