Ariur Rahman

Arif(ur) Rahman, Bangladeshi Secular blogger living in the UK. Myself along with a few colleague started Atheist blogging activism back in 2007. Although Arif was living in UK the whole time, his writing (in Bengali language, mostly) infused by European Secular Humanism and Militant Atheism created a new trend of Atheistic blogging in Bengali.

His terse and witty blogs were widely read and drawn inspiration by a generation of bloggers in Bangla language. His physical presence in UK gave him the mental peace of safety and courage to write without fear, which is unique in Bengali diaspora. When most of the Bengali writers, intellectuals worry about 'hurting religious sentiment' or 'upsetting the ruling system in bed with Islamists', he still continues to raise concerns and speak up about the trend Bangladesh's secular soul has taken.

What we are seeing in Bangladesh is a very advanced stage of what could happen to the rest of the

world if we allow, Arif is well conversant on the topic and has wealth of connections and credibility in theblogging community. His dayjob as an IT consultant provides for the livelihood. His activism so far has

been in the digital blog-sphere, influencing generations of young Bengali minds in Bangladesh and

everywhere. even today, his blogs in Facebook and own site (Arif.EU) gets wide readership and social

media sharing. He recently attended a British Humanist Association organised Fringe event during the

Conservative party conference in Manchester where he gave speech to an auspicious audience. He was

invited by Ex-Muslim council of Britain (CEMB) and Maryam Namaji to give speech about his story in

relation to Bangladesh bloggers and their struggle of a secular Bangladesh. He works closely with IHEU,