Arif Yoga Pratama

Completing junior secondary education in the Junior School 1 of Talangpadang, Lampung 2007 and graduated from senior high school 1 Mlati, Sleman in 2010. Now he is studies at State University of Yogyakarta (UNY) in Department of Chemistry Education International Program. While in UNY he is active in a variety of scholarly activities on campus during UNY and outside the campus. Since joining the Scientific Study Community (KSI-MIST) in Faculty of Mathematics and Science he spent as leisure activity to write some paper and being chemistry private tutor for high school.

Proactive person with high energy individual and develop effective relationships. Proven track record in learning and development. Excellent organizational skills, combined with the ability to adapt to new challenges. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, with expertise in dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

In the begining of 2011 he obtained award from the Minister of Research and Technology with his paper to arrange simple method for water purification. In May 2012 he with the team was elected as the 2nd winners of the best paper in National Scientific Paper Competition,Pontianak Indonesia at Education fair of Tanjungpura University (Pekan Raya Pendidikan 2012).