Ari Glass

Artist in Seattle, Washington

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Ari Glass was born in South Seattle, where he was raised in a diverse community. He didn’t receive any formal training, and apart from his art classes at Franklin High School, and his short stay in the graphic design program at Seattle Central, he is completely self-taught. Yet he always knew that he wanted to become an artist, which is why he gave his best to be the best “Picasso of the South End”.

Most of his oil paintings are inspired by his vibrant surrounding and his fascination with historical and fictional concepts of kings, queens and kingdoms. The reason why he deals with concepts such as sovereignty and independence is because he believed in the idea that everyone is a sovereign ruler in their own kingdom. Ari Glass feels that it is the task of his generation to take and use the tools given to them from their birth, and try to make the best out of it by affecting people in a positive manner.

Through this concept, Ari Glass also showcases the deep, personal and positive effect that art and art history had on him while growing up. His paintings exude freshness and represent a well combined mix of various traditional cultures emboldened with modern touches. The gold leaf has become sort of his go-to medium, and in addition to that he also uses graffiti-like outlines and wild colors to pop life into his paintings. So far he has been awarded with the 2015 CityArts Winter ArtWalk award, the 2015 ArtistTrust GAP grant, and the 2015 4Culture ArtsProject grant.