Ari Harow

CEO of Sheyaan Consulting in Israel

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Ari Harow is the founder and CEO of Sheyaan Consulting, a political strategy consulting firm. The leader behind several high profile, successful political campaigns, Ari is a recognized figure in international politics and a well-respected strategist.

Education and Public Sector Career

Born in the United States, Ari Harow completed high school and his military service in Israel, serving in the Golani Brigade infantry unit. Returning to the US, he attended City University of New York, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He continued his tertiary education at Tel Aviv University, graduating with an MA in Political Science.

During his time in New York, Harow headed the not-for-profit educational organization, American Friends of the Likud. He was then recruited initially as Foreign Affairs Advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu, before serving as Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Bureau Chief until 2010.

Ari later returned to work alongside Netanyahu as his Chief of Staff and closest advisor. Ari is widely credited with the success of Netanyahu’s landmark election victory in 2015. As Campaign Director, he drove the campaign forward, fusing innovative digital media and strategic planning.

Private Sector – 3H Global and Sheyaan Consulting

Ari Harow founded 3H Global in 2010 and Sheyaan Consulting in 2015. Both firms have provided exceptional and innovative campaign strategy, organization and planning for clients around the world. Ari’s work with President Horatio Cartes in Paraguay was instrumental in creating the policy framework laid out during Cartes’ successful campaign, and the implementation of a ‘100 Day Plan’ immediately following his election to office. This strategy has helped deliver meaningful, effective change for the people of Paraguay.

Based in Israel, Sheyaan Consulting works with a variety of politicians and interest groups both in the region and in the United States.

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