Arijit Kundu

Student, Photographer, and Artist in India

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I'm a student as of now. I wanna be Doctor- Entrepreneur- YouTuber. I'm just 19+

I've interest in WWE, Wrestling, Fashion, Music, photography, Singing, Dancing, technology, painting, all types of creative works.

I love to drama/acting and also click my own modeling shots.

I'm humble, grounded, full of humanity, pitiful, respectful.

But when anger overtakes me I'm arrogant, annoying, irritating and becomes a guy who don't care else and can go out of his limits.

I'm a fitness freak.

I'm Multi Passionate Guy. I'm a digital artist.

I love to create posters and cover pages.

I have interest in collections like pens-ties-dairies-high ankle Boots- T-shirt and so much more.

I love all colours but mostly from light mauve to teal. Like cobalt blue, blue, cyan, indigo, bluish indigo, purple and RED.

"Nokia Mercedes Mv-Augusta Apple Android" are my another world.

My third heaven is Nokia.

I love Wolf. I live Wolf.

I don't wanna work for anyone. I wanna be chief of my mind and work. Loneliness is my companion forever. I seek love. I need love as much as food. I always try be happy. I am imaginative and dreamer but till pragmatic.


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