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Arijit Gupta

I am character animator from Mumbai. I am very much passtionate about character animation. It wasn't that I feel in loved with it right form the start. I eventually feel in love as I kept watching and started animating.

I am the only child of my parents and spend my childhood in small towns in Jharkhand (India). My father use to work as a civil engnieer in a goverment organization called Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC). Power producer and distributor in the Eastern Region of India.

Anyways, as a small town kid, I had a very happy go lucky attitude towards my life. In childhood, It never really crossed my mind that I had to make my own place in this world. I think, this usually is the ideal condition to be more creative. Eventually I started with drawing and painting a lot in my school days. After my schooling was over I came to Kolkata to do my futher studies in Graphics Designing. And then finally found my passion for animation. If you want to know more follow the links down below.