Dr. Arikana Chiyedzo Chihombori MD, FAAFP

United States

Dr. Arikana Chihombori was born in Zimbabwe and migrated to the United States after high school. She holds a first degree in General Chemistry, a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry as well as a Doctor of Medicine Degree. She is the CEO & Founder of Bell Family Medical Centers in Tennessee, United States of America where she has been practicing medicine for the past 22 years. Bell Medical Centers are Multidisciplinary centres whose emphasis is on Primary and Preventive Healthcare. Dr Chihombori also founded Bell Medical Centres Zimmbabwe and was the CEO from 1996 to 2012. In addition to the Bell Medical Centers, Dr Chihombori is also the Medical Director for Mid Tenn Medical Associates, another Primary and Preventive health care facility in Middle Tn from 1994 to present. She is the Medical Director for the Smyrna Ambulance Service.

In May of 2012, Dr Chihombori was appointed Chair of the African Union- African Diaspora Health Initiative (AU-ADHI). In this capacity, her primary role is to mobilize African Diaspora healthcare professionals to assist in addressing the healthcare crisis on the continent of Africa. To date Dr Chihombori has led teams of Diaspora Doctors to Malawi and Equatorial Guinea on needs assessment missions. She is also the Internarional Chair for the African Union-Diaspora Africa Forum Americas (AU-DAFA) since 2010. In this capacity she has galvanized Africans and friends of Africa in actively participating in the development of their countries of origin in Africa. "From Brain Drain to Brain Gain" is her motto.

In 2003, Dr Chihombori purchased the former Durban Club building in Durban South Africa and she became the President and CEO of the now Durban Manor Hotel and Conference center in Durban, South Africa. This building was an excusive club for men until 1989 when white women were allowed to enter the building through the front door. The first black to enter the building was in 1994 after Mandela became President.

Dr Chihombori is a recepiant of several awards with the most cherished one being an achievement award which was presented to her by His Excellency then South African President Nelson Mandela in 1996.

Dr Chihombori is a Fellow of the Amercan Academy of Family Phycisians, a member of the American Medical Association, Tenneessee Academy of Family Phycisians and Stones River Independant Phycisians Association

She is married and a proud mother of 5 children.