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Ari Kasprowicz

Naturopathic Medical Student, Writer, and Student Clinician in San Diego, California

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My name is Ari Kasprowicz, and my mission is to inspire others to achieve a fully nourished mind, body, and spirit!

I am currently pursuing my degree in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in San Diego, California. I was all set to go into allopathic medical school when I started to struggle with my own health issues and quickly became disillusioned with the conventional approach and the health care system. At this very time, I was serendipitously introduced to naturopathic medicine, with which I quickly fell in love.

Mastery of health is no easy task, however, each day I become more educated and empowered to overcome my current struggles. Through my own journey, I've grown more and more fascinated with the intricacies of our physiology. Our body systems are intimately connected, constantly communicating with each other, as well as, the greater environment. One of my greatest joys in this profession is solving the mystery of the root cause and linking it to the global impact.

As a Student Clinician, I am passionate about guiding my patients to a state of optimal health through the use of natural modalities and lifestyle medicine. I believes fully in the body's ability to heal, and recognizes that addressing the root cause, rather than palliating the symptoms, is necessary for complete restoration.