Ari Monkarsh

Entrepreneur in American Fork, Utah

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Ari Monkarsh is a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman who specializes in fast-growing startups. He holds a different approach to business, taking on new projects strategically, and excels at finding and monetizing opportunities. Ari Monkarsh understands the importance of hard work and uses this value when he approaches his work. He knows that anyone who values hard work can find success in their career by always working toward their goals.

Ari's current project is Argos Equity, a boutique private equity company. They and their small group of portfolio companies are focused on growth in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and education spaces.They regularly secure favorable returns for their shareholder clients. Argos Equity has consistently earned the trust of their clients through their expertly curated investment management and their ability to grow the value of their portfolio companies.

Ari Monkarsh enjoys building new businesses. He served as the Chief Revenue Officer for a business software company, where he was responsible for Partnership Development, Sales, Marketing and long term growth strategy. He was also the Vice-President of Sales and Business Development for RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace of foreclosure properties. Ari helped turn the company into a nationwide foreclosure expert, and led his company from startup-status to bringing in consistent revenue in four years.

An entrepreneur and successful business owner himself, Ari Monkarsh specializes in reinvigorating businesses and turning them into high-performing, revenue-building, fast-growing success stories.

Ari believes wholeheartedly that good business is an art, and one that cannot be taken for granted. Ari Monkarsh never ceases his constant quest for self-improvement, and never lets himself off the hook. Business is all about hustle, and the greatest businessmen are never satisfied to coast, but constantly seek greater and greater achievements.

At the heart of Ari Monkarsh's success and relentless drive are his wife and three beautiful children, loved ones who fuel his success.