Arina Talanova

Ukraine, Zaporizhye

Arina Talanova

Ukraine, Zaporizhye

Hi! I'm Arina and I'm 16 years old . I want to talk a little bit about myself.

To begin with, I'm a creative person.

I've been doing many different kinds of art. I find it interesting.

My vocation - I'm a musician. I play the guitar and piano.

In addition, I love to take pictures. I am a lover, not profissional.

However, photography brings me great pleasure.

I like to read. My favorite genre of books include psychology and dealing with people. I believe it is important for people to develop and improve their skills.

I consider myself intelligent, well-educated and critically-minded with strong analytical and logical thinking based on common sense.

However, I believe I need to improve my skills even further.


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