Ana Rinck

Portland, Oregon Area

Foodie. Test-Kitchen. Nerd. Polyglot. NedSpacer. Office Goddess. Online Marketing Guru. VP of Operations at Intrix.

When I was eight, my mom and I were walking back from my "maestra particular de ingles" (translates similar to English tutor) when mid-walk I stop my mom to tell her that when I'm older I'm going to live and work in the US. She asks me why I made this decision and I told her I learnt about something called the "American Dream". Fast forward to 2008, I saw my opportunity to chase my dream and I took it and never looked back nor regretted it. I came to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Management (later added the HR part), I fell in love with Portland's Weirdness and the rest is history.

  • Work
    • VP of Operations at Intrix Media
  • Education
    • Portland State University